what is bluescan.me?

BlueScan.me is a revolutionary technology for the private security industry that will add a transparent, reliable & digital layer of credibility to all players in the Industry.
Utilizing BlueScan.me’s innovative, easy to use and low cost software solutions security agencies will be able to completely digitize their recruiting processes and safeguard themselves from hiring bad hats at the same time achieving cost savings by utilizing features around smartphone based conveyance management & real time attendance

why is bluescan.me important?

The security industry has a strong demand for standardization via technology to add efficiency and drive growth. In a low margin industry where competition is high and customer expectations are higher, technology can be the key differentiator that can have a measurable impact on the bottom line.

BlueScan.me will add relevant features for all players to make the industry more technology driven in the future. We will also add data integrations to make all available information more real time, credible and reliable so that every player from security professionals to agencies & controlling authorities benefit from being a part of the information economy.


The Vision of BlueScan.me is to be the Industry Standard and the Instrument for all Operational Reporting’s and generating Security Personnel Credibility Rating to increase their employability while giving constant Cost Saving to the PSI.