Private Security Agency wants to make each security agency that works with us more efficient, profitable and sucsessful.
The corner stone of is to provide tools & utilites to agencies to make thier operations easy & efficient at the same time cutting costs.

Digitized Recruitment Process will digitize the complete recruitment process for a security agency and keep all records safe online for realtime viewing. This will reduce costs and make all personnel files just a click away.

Encypted Security Gaurd ID

Each enrolled security personnel having an encrypted I card will enable keeping the information safe and secure.

Single Window Information will provide all information for any security personnel starting from his work experience, documentary proof, identity and background verification, everything will be available with just one scan.

Exact Conveyance Calculation through its robust technology will calculate the exact conveyance of the field staff with the surety that a particular site has been visited.

Night Checks and Site Audits Reports enables the security agency to conduct night checks, site audits and generate meaningful reports for the management to analyze.

Attendance Management installed at client sites will enable the security personnel to mark their attendances directly into the system and have relevant files ready for payroll and billing. This data is avalable to the agency in real time. Daily attendance marked through eliminates any scope of malpractice with attendances.

Save Money and Lower Oprational Costs

In an industry with thin margins and high competition, can provide a competitive edge to an agency by saving operational cost to create a measurable impact on the bottomline