Private Security Industry is a Industry wide platform with various applicaitons in the Private security Industry. aims to establish the Industry Standard and the Instrument for all Operational Reporting, Security Personnel Credibility Rating to increase their Employability while giving constant Cost Saving to Agency.

Universal Backlisting Database offers the facility of blacklisting of security personnel who are involved in wrong activities or have a malicious intent while on duty. This will avoid their entry into any security agency across the country and reduce bad hats in the industry.

Standardized Recruitment Process

With the adoption of the industry as a whole will have a standardized recruitment & operations reporting process and parity across country confirming to Controlling Authority regulations.

avoid duplicity and redundancies

Once a security profesional is in the system, the hassle of repeating the entire recruitment proess is avoided and just a scan gives all the details required.

more cooperation creates an atmosphere for better cooperation among security agencies through standardization and best practices.

information sharing

Sharing of relevant and desired information like past experience, discipline and quality of security personnel is achieved through while keeping all important information safe and secure.

organised streamlined approach brings in an organized structure and a streamlined approach in the working of the agency by proper collection, organization of data and proper analysis resulting in useful information for better functioning.

client can verify attendance has a client friendly feature in which an agency on choice can give access to the client to verify the attendance of the site it for faster and transparent functioning.

security personnel rating

Various data entered into the system is intelligently collated and analyzed by the system to present a proper rating of security personnel based on various industry driven factors.